“Daniel Fox gives me goose bumps! The guy is driven yet not fanatic. He has stamina, which you need if you’re on a life time mission. What Daniel does and why he does is, really impresses and touches me deeply. For once not a chest hitting alpha male adventurer who wants to compete with mother Nature. ‘We are part of nature,’ he says. There’s nothing to prove, according to him, but lots to observe. If there’s anyone who can do just that and bring back amazing stories to engage us with Nature, it’s Daniel Fox.”

Arita Baaijens, desert explorer, Founder Sahara Society Netherlands, FRGS

Daniel Fox

Explorer and storyteller, Fox believes in the power of nature to restore the human spirit. He uses his narrative to inspire the public to STOP . BREATHE . RELAX . LISTEN and reconnect with the natural world. Sometimes philosophical, sometimes poetic, his stories, his photos and his “Minute of Nature” video series seek to capture nature’s essence and the insights it offers.

He is the founder of W.I.L.D., an initiative that raises funds to send under privileged youth to wilderness immersion camps.

He is a FUJIFILM X-Photographer, a SanDisk Storyteller, a Nature Valley contributor, a Kokatat Global Ambassador, an Aqua Lung, Deuter, Delorme and Wilderness Systems Ambassador.

His work has been featured in Outside Magazine, Canoe Kayak Magazine, Adventure Kayak Magazine, Sea Kayaker Magazine, Alaska Magazine, The Daily Post, NY Post, The Telegraph, Marin Magazine and others.

His inspiring talk FEEL THE WILD has been given at the Commonwealth Club, REI stores, universities and schools across the country.

You can find him on FacebookLinkedinTwitter, InstagramPinterestGoogle +. He publishes his videos on Vimeo and his photography portfolio is available on Behance.

The Wild Image Project

Ever since I was a young boy, I found my inspiration and comfort in nature. It taught me about life, and death, about change and evolution, about challenges and perseverance. Most importantly, it taught me about perspective and balance, about being humble and spiritual.

Nature has become an ideology, a debate, something people now humanize. While there is an extreme awareness, there is also an extreme disconnection with our planet. We continue to perceive ourselves as separated from the environment, superior with our technology. The Wild Image Project is an ongoing narrative that focuses on highlighting the true essence of nature and its teachings. Through my photography, writing and videos, I try to provoke a dialogue that invites the viewer to reevaluate its relationship with the environment. Nature is raw, rough, pretty, beautiful, inspiring, but above all, a humble experience.

“Daniel Fox is the quintessential explorer. Working with Daniel, I always looked forward to his dispatches as they came to us, as they’re guaranteed to drip with passion, courage, and stunning images the likes of which most people will never see. One part intrepid adventurer, one part naturalist, and one part environmentalist, Fox not only uses his expedition for personal growth, but documents it adroitly with tremendous technical craft, in order to share it with the world. His generosity of spirit makes for important work that will affect the destiny of our natural world positively. The work he produces enriches the lives of our readers by capturing their imagination, demonstrating the hidden industry of beauty that is our uncharted world.”

Stiv Wilson, former Editor In Chief, Wend Magazine